Monday, January 16, 2012

Farewell to Little Boy

It is with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to Little Boy this morning.

He was diagnosed with diabetes in August. This weekend he stopped eating and became lethargic. He developed diabetic ketoacidosis, which is the effect of poor glucose treatment. He never responded well to insulin, and his blood sugar levels were always high, even as we measured his glucose levels and injected him with insulin twice a day.

Boy-O came to us in 2004. He and his sister Tillie were found as kittens by our friends Kate and Jeff on a golf course during a tournament. Kate noticed a kitten in the weeds, and brought both of them to the vet. They were undernourished and sickly, but Kate and Jeff nursed them back to health. They couldn't keep the kittens because of their own cats, but we had three of our own (Hailie, Shadow, and Fisher), and we were unsure whether it was wise to take in two more cats. Our vet, though, suggested that we could handle it. So, one weekend, we journeyed to Philadelphia and brought the kittens back with us to Albany.

Little Boy was initially named Gormley, after the golf tournament's name. I can't say exactly how he got the name Little Boy. It was a rather ironic name. He quickly became a big cat, around 16-18 pounds, but he had a very high pitched meow like a kitten.

I must confess to feeling bad for letting him get so big, a product of Shadow and then Hailie being sick and hardly eating. We kept food out all the time to encourage our granny cats to eat--something Little Boy took full advantage of.

Little Boy was a playful, loving cat. He and his sister played constantly. They were always tumbling around, chasing each other, and playing with the other cats. When Kitty Meow joined us two years ago, he and she became best playmates. Little Boy is the only cat we've had who snuggled up with the dogs. He would rub his head on Indie's and sleep curled up with Bella. Although, he rarely curled up with us on the bed, and if he did, it was always at our feet.

He was a gem of a beast--by far the mellowest, sweetest, most charming cats we've had. He will be missed.