Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trying to Vote in the Primary

Today is primary day in New York. I just went to vote. The poll worker pushed the reset lever on our ancient pull-lever voting machines too hard, and it jammed the system. No voting. The poor guy whose vote was now screwed up had to vote absentee.

Will New York ever get its new voting machines?!? We're the last state in the country still voting on 50 year old (or older!) machines. Incredible.

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brooklynkevin said...

It would be great if we all could easily vote (early and often, as the joke goes) in a way that was secure and accurate. The idea that we have to vote on one day during a certain period of hours is exclusive by design. I'd hope that we could not only upgrade our NY voting equipment, but also our voting methods. The Help America Vote Act allows NYS to receive Federal funds if we update our vote process by doing away with the lever machines and replace them with a method that provides equal access for people with disabilities. What a great opportunity it would be to update our machines, and our process.

As it is right now, the NYS BOE is only slowly moving forward with their plan. It seems that new machines will be in place in May of 2009, but that process is going to be revised soon, and will most likely be later. http://www.elections.state.ny.us/HAVA.html

The issues are in testing the machines for accessibility. From a federal perspective they have to look at the visual issues, but NYS takes it further and tests for both mobility and cognitive disorders.

When will they go live? That's the $64 Mil question.

Here is a cool web site to check out the machines: http://www.vote-ny.com/