Monday, July 07, 2008

DCCC's Bush Impersonation Ad

[Okay, so I've been a little busy . . . . The end of semester unloaded its torrent of papers to grade and theses to read, then to ICA in Montreal, at which I learned my grandmother on my dad's side had died, so a quick return to Albany to collect Isabel, and then off to Rapid City, South Dakota to attend the funeral, and then grappling for a week with a nasty cold, and since then trying to keep my NSF funded project running, and cranking out manuscripts and juggling other research projects. Tenure review is coming . . . .

AND: Rest in Peace: Tony Schwartz, George Carlin, and Tim Russert]

The Benton Foundation is reporting that a Philadelphia radio station is refusing to run a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee advertisement. The ad features a President Bush impersonator who thanks the local Republican congressmember for supporting "Big Oil". They're refusing the run it on the ground that it impersonates President Bush.

I first heard about the ad a few weeks ago, and my reaction was: not cool. No matter what one thinks about President Bush, it's over-the-line to hire an impersonator to put words in the President's mouth. There will be people, either who aren't terribly aware or perhaps who catch only bits of the ad, who think that President Bush is actually saying those things. It's a deceptive ad. The DCCC shouldn't have created it. Surely, there are better, more compelling ways to critique the Bush presidency.

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