Sunday, April 08, 2007

Abandoned Pets on Easter Sunday

I want to take this Easter Sunday to reflect on the plight of unwanted, abandoned dogs and cats.
Several times a year, someone abandons a dog or a litter of kittens up the hill from where we live. My neighbor, Ida Mae, on whose land most of them are dumped takes them all in. She has several abandoned dogs and a barn full of abandoned cats whom she keeps, feeds, and cares for.

These are the lucky ones. Half of all dogs that are dropped off at shelters are euthanized. Half. Any dog that is taken to shelter has a 50/50 opportunity at a second chance. It's even worse for cats. They have a 1 in 3 opportunity at a second chance. In total, 8-10 million animals are euthanized every year in animal shelters.

So, on this day, consider adopting a dog or a cat from your local humane society. If your house is full, then donate money or volunteer your time to the local humane society or animal rescue.

And, if you're thinking that it's time to get rid of your pet, because it's annoying, it scratches, it chews, it pees where you don't want it to, it doesn't match your furniture, reconsider. Enroll your animal in a behavior training program, or seek help and guidance from an animal trainer. Most "problems" can be solved.

Love your animals as much as they love you.


Anna said...

Oh, those are heart-warmingly cute photos. I'm in love!

Jenny Stromer-Galley said...

Aren't my animals cute! It was fun to comb through old photos and pick a few choice ones. I love the one of Indy and Bella, with Bella's ear on Indy's head. And the last one of the siblings looking at the camera. They're both sitting on the vanity in the bathroom.

Chris said...

The dogs are too cool! Thank you for this one. People need to be reminded that they are not accessories, they are living things counting on you. The people who dumped Millie should read this.

Avril said...

I love the one of the kitty with her face in the...what is it? A yogurt container? Too cute! And your comment about people getting rid of their pets because they're annoying, etc. really struck home. Not that I've ever considered getting rid of Griffin (she's still with me - 14 years old!) - but her pooping on the carpet was driving me crazy. I finally took her to the vet and found out that, lo and behold, she had an anal gland infection that needed treatment. Thus the inappropriate pooping. A few antibiotics later and she's back to using her litter box, and her "mom" is happy again! Bless our furry friends.

Anonymous said...

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