Saturday, March 24, 2007

Being Pregnant

I apologize to my four faithful readers of this blog for being quiet the past little while. There's much happening in the political world right now, and I have things to say but no time to say them in.

The reason: I'm pregnant.

I've gone back and forth on whether to post anything here about my state of being. I find the public/private of blogging complex to negotiate, and have opted for a less revealing style of posting.

But, this pregnancy is a big deal for me, as it is for anyone who is experiencing it. It's a big deal for me (for us), because we've been trying to conceive for awhile now, and thanks to modern medicine it finally happened.

We're having a girl (at least according to the sometimes unreliable ultrasound). She's due July 25th. And, no, we don't have a name picked out. There's a list, but what she will end up being named, I cannot say.

So, if there are silences on this little blog, it's because I can't manage all the many tasks required of me right now coupled with the fatigue of growing another life inside of me.

Another life. It's surreal.