Thursday, February 08, 2007

Those Darn Bloggers

So, the big news today was John Edwards' decision to keep on his staff two bloggers who on their personal blogs had written fairly nasty things about Catholics and conservatives.

It was all over the political news Web sites, and appears to have caused the Edwards campaign a good bit of controversial press.

The news here, for me, is that the medium matters.

Campaigns have always hired staff who are deeply ideological and say nasty things about "the other side." But, it used to be that such things were generally said when the microphones and videotape was not rolling, when people were in private and talking with like-minded comrades.

Not anymore. Now, idealogues can start a blog, and not only say incendiary things to their friends in private but blog about it in public. Such posts are not ephemeral. They are permanent, archived, searchable.

We have not seen the last of stories like this, I am sure.

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Joshie Juice said...

hear hear. And let us add that this will be the first YouTube election. The public now surveils itself--YouTube is the arrival of self-seveiling ubiquity. We can now capture Obama saying something nasty about some white rival, and I predict someone will.