Wednesday, February 28, 2007

McCain Announces on Letterman

In my email box, I received an announcement tonight from the McCain campaign. He's announcing his candidacy on David Letterman.

I've been trying to watch the clip on McCain's website, but it's been excruciatingly slow to load. The website must be getting hammered with page requests and calls for the video.

In the clip, McCain explains that this is not his formal announcement. That is coming in April. As McCain said, a candidate doesn't just announce, he or she drags it out as long as possible. Milk it for everything its got, because it's free publicity for the candidate and it generates dollars. Indeed, I'd bet he's making an announcement now, because he's getting scooped in the headlines by Giuliani and the race between the Democrats. An announcement now puts him back in the headlines, and stimulates new interest and money in his campaign.

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