Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yeah Yeah, Clinton Set up a Committee

I know I should be all excited that it finally happened - that Hillary Clinton finally announced the creation of an exploratory committee for a run at the Democratic nomination. It's not that I'm unexcited. Whenever a new candidate announces, it makes me happy (I know, I'm sick), but you know you'd have to be pretty clueless to have not seen this one coming.

If anything, it's noteworthy that she waited until after Obama. It's also noteworthy that she announced only a few days after Obama. Clinton does not want too much time to elapse after Obama's announcement. She needs to make sure that the fundraising advantage that an exploratory committee generates isn't lost. Both Obama and Clinton are going to compete for many of the same big (and small) donors.

Like Obama, Clinton announced on her website. She also is inviting people to sign up to join her for a live web chat. I'm curious to see how that will work. Like Obama's site, a large "contribute" button is featured prominently next to the video screen for watching her announcement.

Her announcement theme is about starting a conversation with the American people, which will happen through the live chats.

From an interactivity perspective, this is, so far, the most interactive move by a candidate that I've seen. If the interactive chats are really interactive, it will mark yet another milestone in the use by candidates of the Internet to connect and converse directly with people.

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