Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The BEST Resource for Political Ad Analysis

The mid-term election campaigns are in full swing, and political ads are invading our television screens.

For the the best resource for analysis of the truth and lies in political ads, visit The website, referrenced (incorrectly) in the 2004 Vice Presidential debates by Dick Cheney, has continued to be the premier source for critiques of political advertising.

The website was started by journalist Brooks Jackson, the father of adwatching on television news, as part of an initiative at the Annenenberg School for Communication, at the University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater). is funded through the Annenberg Foundation, and is non-partisan and beholden to no special interests that might influence the analysis.

If you want to know whether your candidate is telling fibs or telling the truth about his or her opponent, visit the site.

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