Saturday, July 22, 2006

The First 5K

Today, in the rain, my friend Emily and I ran the Berne 5K. We placed first and second in our age class. You should be impressed . . . . or not, since Emily and I were the only two people in that class!

There were 103 runners, so a perfect first race - small and surrounded by friendly people, some of whom were my neighbors.

The route of the race is one that I run at least once a week, and it was a joy-ful feeling to run with others on what is usually my solo course.

It was a delight to run it with Emily. She has run marathons, and I've been intimidated by her feats. But, after today, I have new confidence that perhaps I could run longer distances. If she could do it, then maybe I could do.

I have felt the runner's high - and it is good.


Joe Erjavec said...

Hey Jen,

This is Jefe's friend, Joe (I met you and your hubby at their wedding). Congratulations on finishing the race. Running is good exercise (I'm just glad someone else is doing it and not me)!

One of my cousins ran the Twin Cities marathon last year, and I was impressed that she finished! That is hard work.

Rod Carveth said...



Esp. being able to run 5K. I can do about 5 meters.


Jenny S-G said...

Hey Joe,

I remember you! Thanks for the praise! I was remarkably sore yesterday - not in my legs, but in my back. I guess the kick at the end required me to use my arms and back more than I'm used to. A sprinter I have never been.

Marathons seem so scary to me. I am in awe of anyone who runs them (Craig, Robbie - it is true . . . AWE).

Anna M. said...

Congrats!! Way to go! I love running in the rain.