Thursday, July 06, 2006

And Then There Were Two Dogs

(Apologies for being quiet on the blog - I've been traveling)

So, May 15, we brought a second dog into our lives. Her name is Bella (that's the name she came with). She's a 62 pound black lab/hound mix, and around a year old.

After we got Indy, we thought he would do well with a second dog in the house. He is quite anxious, and we hoped that a second dog would help him be more calm. Plus, Peppertree Rescue has an endless supply of needy dogs, and we felt we could accomodate one more.

Bella's backstory is that she came out of the New York shelter system. Apparently, her first owner got her as a puppy, lived in an apartment somewhere in the city, and turned her in to the shelter after neighbors complained that Bella barked while the owner was at work. Bella was subsequently placed in a couple of different homes up here, but her barking when left alone was found unsuitable. When we got her, she was being kenneled at an animal hospital. We agreed to long term foster care for her to at least get her out of the animal hospital. If she worked out we'd keep her.

Two days after we got her, I left for Eastern Europe. My unlucky husband had to manage two big dogs in my absence. Bella turns out to be very poorly mannered, not really knowing or obeying any commands, and walking like a torpedo when on a leash. But, Jon worked magic while I was gone, and she is increasingly becoming a well-behaved dog. It helps that she is very lovey.

As per my last post, the plight of dogs in shelters has not decreased. Give to your local animal shelter, and urge your friends and relatives to spay and neuter their pets. Consider taking in a first or second (or in our case sixth) animal. The rewards are endless.


Anna said...

Indy and Bella look like they're already getting along fabulously!

Bolibuckness said...

Where in the world are you Jenny S-G? Miss your bloggishness.