Monday, June 12, 2006

Rescuing Indy

I've been busy, and have neglected this little blog. What has kept me busy, you ask? My new dog, Indy. We adopted him from a local rescue on April 29th. He appears to be part Lab, part Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's tall, and weighs about 75 pounds. We're not sure how old he is - somewhere around 4.

We don't have much back story on him. He was dropped off at the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society the beginning of March. He was dropped off with another dog, possibly his brother. The other dog was adopted right away, and Indy became very depressed - he became listless in his cage, turning constantly, and not eating.

Peppertree Rescue, a local area rescue, adopted Indy out of the shelter. Peppertree's mission is to rescue and to adopt out dogs with good natures. They work closely with area Humane Societies to rescue dogs marked for death because they're not being adopted out. Indy was poorly behaved at the Humane Society, and wasn't showing well, but the folks at Peppertree saw that Indy just needed a second chance. I am overjoyed with the new addition in our herd of beasts.

In the process of adopting Indy, my husband and I have become highly aware of the state of animal abandonment in the United States. In adopting Indy, we felt we had made a small difference, but as I look at the Peppertree site and see a new round of dogs in need of homes, I realize that it's a never-ending tide of unwanted animals.

The Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society, for example, receives over 12,000 animals every year. They receive no government funding for their work housing, healing, and helping abandoned animals (so give generously). Right now, they have over 70 cats in need of adoption. 70 cats! Are there 70 people willing to take them in? And even if there were, in another month, there would be 70 again. It's a grim cycle.

But, we made a teeny tiny difference, and we saved a really good dog from death.


Arizona Kate said...

Indy is a very handsome dog! He certainly lucked out getting you and Jon (and the herd) as family!

I don't quite understand how or why in this day and age the overpopulation of pets is so high. Spaying and neutering are pretty inexpensive. I also don't understand what kind of person abandons his/her animals. I find it odd that there are people walking around among us that think it is OK just to abandon an animal who has been in his/her household and not feel a severe sense of remorse or loss.

Anyway, congratulations on the new family member!

TRH said...

very cool photos. That's one handsome dawg.

nicole l. said...

ooh, i was hoping to see pictures of indy- he's beautiful and lucky to have found such a happy home.

Rod Carveth said...

I have a 4-year old, 70-pound black lab named Jenna. So, I know that you don't walk the dog -- the dog walks you.

Good luck, and good job.


Circe said...

Congrats on Indy. I'm sure he feels secure having a home and people he knows to love him. No matter the animal, they always seem sad to be in those shelters, especially dogs.

May I ask why the name Indy? Is he independant? Resemble the famous archaeologist?

Good luck with the pup

Jenny S-G said...


Indy is the name he came with, and we did not change it, since he knew it already. If I had to guess, I'd say it's "Indy-anapolis 500" or "Indy-pendent Films" Or "Indy-ana Jones." We've decided it's for the later (he's about the same color as Indiana Jones' hat). We have our own film title: Indiana Dog and the Felines of Doom . . . .

merlyna said... Indy is so good looking!
i thought Indy came from "Independent Thinker"??? :D
btw, it was really awesome to bump you in PhillY! a pleasant surprise.