Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Faulting David Horowitz

A group called Free Exchange on Campus has produced a document countering the many baseless claims Horowitz makes in his book The Professors. The find many niggly little errors, such as that only 100 professors are profiled in the book (Horowitz claims that there's actually 103 profiled, because he discusses 3 in his introduction). They also find more weighty problems, such as a lack of any evidence supporting his claim that conservative students are being punished by liberal professors by lowering their grades.

Thank goodness. I think some academics would prefer to just ignore Horowitz on the hopes that he would just go away. But, he's not likely to do that, and it's better that the claims get countered than to let them stand.

Academia, intellectually, is about falsifying, truth telling, and producing compelling argument. It's time we tell the truth and let it speak louder than Horowitz.

For more info, there's a good story in Inside Higher Ed this morning.

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Rod Carveth said...


Just to let you know that my post about Rush Limbaugh attracted the attention of DonkeyCons, a conservative blog. Apparently, anyone who attacks hypocrisy is a "lefty."

Interestingly, I'm a Libertarian (though not the kind of Libertarian that they have in TX -- that brand is scary). I don't want the government in my wallet or my bedroom.