Monday, March 06, 2006

The Solomon Amendment Decided

Recall in the fall I blogged about a campus discussion about the Solomon Amendment, a law that requires college campuses to allow military recruiters onto campus, even though the military violates equal opportunity employment laws in its discrimination of gays and lesbians. Failure to give the military equal access to students (in the same way it gives access to other employers) would mean the loss of all federal funding to that institution (most of which comes in the form of research grants to faculty).

The Supreme Court ruled today 8 to 0 today that the Amendment is legal (Alito did not participate in this matter, since he joined the court after oral arguments). Military recruiters are free to associate with the campus just as faculty are free to express their disapproval of the military's hiring practices.

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Rod Carveth said...

Unfortunately, ever since the Dole decision (which allowed the federal government to deny highway funding for states that did not raise the drinking age to 21), the government has been able to force these types of policies on us. I was disappointed in the decision, but not shocked at all, even by the 8-0 vote.