Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Say F$%! and get Fired

I feel a lot like swearing these days. But, if I do so in class, it seems I now risk being suspended.

An assistant professor at the Lancaster Branch of Harrisburg Area Community College said "fuck" in class and was suspended for it. (Read about it in Inside Higher Ed). It should be noted that he seemed to be a well-liked professor, too, without any other strikes on his record.

To my mind, it is ludicrous to suspend a faculty member for swearing--especially if the swearing wasn't directed at a student. I've sworn on occassion in class. It's just part of my style, and to poke fun at silly "shit" that is happening out there in the world.

Maybe I'll start an activist organization to protect my colleagues: Foul-Mouthed Faculty Fight Back!


TRH said...

Shouldn't the organization be called:
"Faculty Uber Communicative Konstraints" ?

I'll join up.

Rod Carveth said...

Now that I am chair at a Catholic institution, I am really careful not to drop F-bombs in class, but "shit", "bullshit" and "pissed off" are not uncommon.

Firing someone for saying "fuck" in class is really extreme. Then again, PA is turning out to be a state that has its share of oddities. For example, Rick Santorum was actually voted in twice as a Senator. I thought Senators had to have an IQ closer to 3 digits than 1 digit. And, Lynn Swann, whose only two qualifications for office is that he was a great receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is an African American Republican, is actually competitive with Ed Rendell, a governor who has actually kept his campaign promises. Go figure.