Monday, March 20, 2006

On Spring and Board Games

Today is the first day of spring, although you couldn't tell that here in Albany. It was brisk, baby. This is about the coldest weather we've had all winter. I read today that Albany experienced a January that was a full 9 degrees above average. The weather seems seriously out of wack.

Listening to MarketPlace on NPR, I heard a report about shareholders that are now demanding that the companies they invest in consider and disclose how global warming will impact their long term business. Businesses initially didn't take seriously the questionnaires that were sent out by the Carbon Disclosure Project. But last year, the organization had nearly a 75% response rate. That's pretty darned good, and it signals that companies are starting to take seriously the economic impact the inevitable is going to have on us.

The story closed with a statement that global warming is the new internet: Once it first arrived on the scene, no one had heard of it, but it gets bigger every year, and it's now inevitable that businesses need to figure out how they'll respond to it.

Indeed. Now, if only the government could see the inevitable and begin to seriously address the causes.

As an aside, a friend sent me a link to an article about a new Monopoly-esque board game called "Patriot Act: The Home Version," which parodies our current war on civil liberties. Read the article and download a make-your-own version of the game.

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n.l. said...

i think my favorite part of the game is "the constitution" game piece. excellent.