Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dancing the Big Dance

I have a confession. I got March Madness fever.

I found myself Thursday night watching the Syracuse - Texas A&M match, warming up for the Big Game last night: Ualbany vs. UConn.

I gathered with my husband and two friends at my local watering hole here in Berne to watch the game on the big screen. As I consumed too much corned beef and cabbage (violating my usual vegetarian rule when eating out), I watched with delight the UAlbany men play a remarkably strong game against UConn the first half.

For a moment there, around minute 11 of the second half, I thought UAlbany must just pull off an historic feat. They were up 12 points (50-38). UConn seemed to be struggling, and UAlbany looked like they could conquer the world. The bar was packed and everyone was cheering. I heard people behind me saying with pride "Hey, you know Frank works there" and "My daughter went to Albany." And, I thought to myself, "These is MY university." Everyone wants to be part of a victory.

But, then, something changed. Albany seemed to shift to a defensive position to try and hold their 12 point lead, but it didn't work, and with only 5 minutes left, UConn was in the lead. Albany began taking wild shots while UConn stayed focused on team play, and in the end UConn won with a 13 point victory.

Nonetheless, we in our little rural bar in New York danced the big dance, proud that UAlbany was on the national stage and competing with the best.

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Rod Carveth said...

Tough weekend. The Great Danes lose, and you are losing a colleague in your department. Double whammy.