Thursday, January 19, 2006


I found a few pictures just of Shadow. (Most that I have are with her and Fisher curled up, since that was Shadow's favorite thing to do--lie around with Fisher). The first one was taken about a month ago. The second one with Jon was taken in August. Shadow could be very snuggly with us when she wanted to be.

Feeling her absence greatly today.


Anna said...

How are the other cats adjusting?

TRH said...

My most sincere condolences -- the wordless bond of affection between my cat & I is a real treasure, & and (like yours) one not at all captured by the semantics of the word 'pet.'

Jenny S-G said...

The rest of the beasts seemed to adjust to her absence just fine, even Fisher, aside from a few episodes where she wandered around the house yowling. The other cats didn't care for her much, so if anything, they're okay with her absence.