Thursday, October 13, 2005

Feeling Like a Lemming

Okay. I've decided to make the leap to "real" blogging. I've been "musing" on my website for over well over a year now, but I haven't had the functionality of comments nor the ease of automatic archiving.

I've received a few requests by the handful of people who actually read my musings to switch to proper blogging software so that they may comment publicly to my thoughts.

I've resisted the urge to switch to blogging software, I must confess. I'm weary of fads.

But, I've given in. I think I decided to make the jump because my friend Josh has a beautiful blog, and it's clearly so easy to update and maintain. I'm envious of the ease, and so, well, I'm making the jump.


Bolibuckness said...

Yah! Resistance is FUTILE! Welcome to the autonomic blogosphere. I've added you to my blogroll . . . whom of your posse should I add as well?

Thanks for the shout-out. Beauty is not my forte, but, I certainly like the adjective associated with my words! Hah!

Jenny S-G said...


No posse to add. Just me . . .

I'm delighted to be on the rolllllllll

Anna said...

Yippee!! I just subbed to your blog. And I love the title, being a fan of pomegrantes myself. Super cool!